Carolee and I wish to thank you for the truly outstanding job you did in the recent sale of my Mother’s residence in Knoxville. Your knowledge of the real estate market in Knoxville, coupled with your detail oriented approach, enabled the timely sale of the property. Your ability to accomplish this in a slow real estate market is particularly noteworthy. From our initial discussions with you concerning the value of the property, to your development of a beautiful marketing campaign, and finally to the pre-sale negotiations; your sage advise and unsurpassed level of expertise were constantly on display and were invaluable to our success. Please feel free to give our highest recommendation to any potential clients. You are a true professional in the very best sense of the word! Thanks you so much,
Mike and Carolee

Thank you so much for all your help in finding my lovely condo! I was a bit nervous about finding a home while living in another state, but you made the process so easy! I so enjoyed working with you and will recommend you to others in a heartbeat. You know the area so well and are able to very quickly assess your clients´ needs. You were so mindful of the fact that my time was limited and went right to work. You went above and beyond my expectations and I am truly grateful! Take care!

Written by a first time homebuyer: I am happy to write on behalf of Lee Mrazek, a woman who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about her career. I first became acquainted with Mrs. Mrazek by a recommendation from my loan officer. At the beginning I was leery about whom to choose as a realtor, but throughout the whole process her patience and dedication eased my worries. Lee Mrazek has my utmost confidence in her ability to provide her clients with a great buying experience. Her comprehension of FHA, THDA and HUD requirements make her a wonderful asset to the first time homebuyer. I personally respect Mrs. Mrazek because she was very patient with me and I trusted her opinion because she was honest. I am very impressed with Mrs. Mrazek´s diligence and passion for her work. It takes a special person to actively want to deal with the demands and stipulations of low-income homebuyers. I know throughout my experience I not only met a realtor but a friend. Lee Mrazek wants to help her homebuyers find a home not just any house. Sincerely,

Written by an out-of-state seller whose home was newly listed in Knoxville by Lee after 6 months on the market Lee, Beth and I wanted to write you and thank you for all your advice and assistance in selling our home in Knoxville . As you know, this was a very stressful and trying time for us due to our geographical separation and move to Utah and you really helped ease the burden for us. The advice and counsel you provided us in this sometimes arduous process was outstanding, and you were right on the money with your numerous recommendations for selling our home. You continually communicated with us on what was going on with the house and even though my business travels kept me away for long periods, you always somehow found me and kept me in the loop on the events. You and your outstanding staff made the closing of our home a snap and it went off without a single problem. I can´t think of a time when I have bought or sold a home that a closing process went so well and this was due to the excellent organization skills and attention to detail of you and your staff. If I can ever provide a customer reference for your agency please do not hesitate to call me. You made a difficult process a smooth and seamless transition for Beth and I, and I would highly recommend you to anyone. Both of us wish you and your staff a wonderful Holiday Season and may the new year bring you great success and happiness.
RM, ” A Truly Satisfied Customer”

Written by an out of state homebuyer to the President of Lee’s National Franchise: Dear Sir: I want to commend you on having a Realtor that does more than sell houses. For a family with a daughter that has just entered UT to become a veterinarian your agency was a lifesaver. . . . In early June on a Saturday the entire family left North Carolina for that six hour trip to Knoxville with no agency in mind. We arrived at about 12:30 PM and made a quick tour of an unknown city and we were becoming more discouraged every minute we drove. We stopped at a zip mart and looked in the yellow pages, and (Your Company´s) was one of the numbers listed. It was not the first number we called but it was the best. The person on phone duty was more than helpful that Saturday afternoon and even gave street by street directions via the car phone to find your agency. From the first phone call with the limited information that was given about the type of house we were looking for, Lee Mrazek had already started the search before we arrived. When that unknown family from out of time arrived at the Knoxville agency Lee Mrazek had already printed twenty potential houses that she thought a young veterinarian student would like and in our price range. She was more than cordial, she made the entire family feel like we had not wasted a trip to Knoxville . Even her wedding anniversary did not get in the way of making things happen for the (our family). We left Lee that Saturday with only a promise that when we got ready to purchase a home we would call her. Two weeks later our daughter gave her a call and made a trip to Knoxville on a Saturday, and Lee gave her the tour of houses. She was more than helpful and had a feel for what (our daughter) wanted in a house. (Our daughter) picked two favorites that Saturday and she made an offer on the following Monday. Lee had a feel for the property and the offer was accepted. I never saw the house and let Lee and our daughter make the choice. This is really where Lee´s Realtor magic started. From ways to finance, to house inspection she was a professional. She got us the best loan rate and made sure the house was ready to move into with no glitches. In all the calls I made to Lee I only got one voice mail, and I hate voice mail. We closed on the property in North Carolina without a trip to Knoxville and when our daughter arrived the following weekend the house was ready to be moved into. Lee Mrazek is more than a Realtor, she is an asset to (the company), and should be praised for outstanding efforts beyond the call of duty. She is from the old school where the client means more than the sale. The approach sure worked for our family. Again, I commend Ms. Lee Mrazek for a job outstanding.
JEH, President, JHRG